About Us

MAMBO SUUPLY INC, is an online and value Added Reseller ( VAR ) business that offers technology hardware, software , cloud solutions, consumer electronics and office supplies. Our aim is to help provide solutions to small and large Businesses located in the continental United States and north America. Ou services is opened to assist all industries including Federal, State and Local Government Agencies.

Considering the increasing need by the high-tech industry in today’s economy, technology network connectivity and storage requirements are driven by co needs like IT security, audit, regulations, scalability and efficiency that affects the day to day operations of every sector. The MAMBO SUPPLY INC therefore decided to step up to complement the efforts by Big Tech companies in Reselling IT products and other related office supplies, We are currently partnering with big Brand name IT and consumer electronics companies to make available every type of product that your company may need at an affordable cost.

From the very first phone call , our trained customer service Representatives and Tech Savvy personnels will effectively work on your query and ensure an accurate sorting and shipping in a timely fashon. During this process, our Team will frequently update customers in order to keep our valued customers in the Loop Such effort will determine product availability at one of our warehouses and provide information on the fast and efficient shipping process, As a matter of quality control concern, the sales Representatives and the Tech Savvy personnel will both determine and update the customer on the condition of the product. They will then clarify if it is a Refurbished or New products in your order just to exemplify quality control measure. A follow-up email will also be sent to ensure that the customer has received the order and in perfect condition.